UBEEPUS is committed to helping our customers secure the highest level of roadside assistance coverage within their budget.


We are not just another website selling roadside assistance plans. You can buy from us with complete confidence. When choosing a roadside assistance plan a company’s financial stability is of the utmost importance. UBEEPUS is committed to helping our customers secure the highest level of roadside assistance coverage within their budget. The founding members of UBEEPUS realized there was a significant need for affordable and timely roadside assistance. In a highly competitive market, many roadside providers sell plans that are expensive and do not have good customer service. Today, UBEEPUS has partnered with Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) who services over fifteen million customers annually. Nation Safe Drivers is one of the largest suppliers of auto-related, supplemental products since 1962.

Why Choose UBEEPUS?

UBEEPUS is available to anyone in need of an affordable roadside assistance plan. Our competitive roadside assistance plans are supplied by Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) in North America. Our partnership will allow UBEEPUS to provide our customers with benefits and services that they are currently not receiving under other roadside assistance programs. Nation Safe Drivers services over fifteen million customers annually. Fast response and excellent service are just two reasons why millions of motorists rely on Nation Safe Drivers for on-the-road protection.

Do you have a program for commercial fleets?

UBEEPUS is proud to introduce our heavy-duty Fleet & Business Roadside Assistance Plans. This unique and valuable protection is now available on any taxi, limo, commercial van, bus, box truck, rv and more. All of our Fleet Division plans are customizable to fit the unique needs of your business. Please call 1 855-868-7467 to get a free -price quote for your fleet today!

What preferred benefits does UBEEPUS provide?

Preferred Members Benefits include discounts at select hotels, theme parks, entertainment facilities, automotive maintenance workshops, pet services etc.

What does our relationship with Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) mean to our customers?

Our relationship with Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) means that our customers are receiving service from a reputable and excellent service provider that has been in business since 1962.

How many customers has Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) serviced?

They service over 15 million customers annually in North America.

How can we provide excellent service and affordable pricing to our customers ?

By leveraging our relationship  with one of the largest service providers in North America Nation Safe Drivers (NSD). We can provide better service and pricing to our customer through this relationship.

How to contact us if you need roadside assisstance?

When calling for towing or road service members need to call the phone number listed on there terms & conditions/membership for roadside assistance. Members will be required to give the representative assisting you the following information: Member Number (which is your contract number on the top right of your contract).